The outdoors revitalize my being no matter the activity and even if only for a moment.
Being outdoors reminds me of what is most important; therefore, I long most days to be in the great outdoors.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally out again- Newton

I haven't been out fishing for over a month!  Sad.  I was going to take Caleb with me since it was so nice out.  These pictures are a little later in the day.  I started out fishing in my t-shirt!  A beautiful day.  The ice was solid 18+ inches of ice.  Brad and I caught dinks all day- bass, perch and blue-gill.  Brad got a decent size perch.  No muskie-  I was trying for them.  I was even prepared with a heavier line and leader.  I plan on getting out more often and hopefully Caleb can join me as well.  I might try to get up to Bear Lake in the next couple of weeks.  I bought an Idaho fishing license as well- so I'm ready to venture out ice fishing and fly fishing Idaho.

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