The outdoors revitalize my being no matter the activity and even if only for a moment.
Being outdoors reminds me of what is most important; therefore, I long most days to be in the great outdoors.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fishing with my Step-Dad on the Logan River

 Chris, my Step-Dad battling the higher flows from run-off.
 A decent brown I landed.  He took the stone-fly.
 Chris picked up casting pretty quick.
 His confidence in the water grew pretty fast too.
 A very promising hole that produced nothing.
 I had two other fish hooked but was unable to land them.
 My Okuma rod (3-4 wt) and back side of reel.
 Front side of my Okuma rod and reel.
 A small waterfall running into the river.
 More of a waterfall.
Not bad for just phone pics.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great spring fishing on the Green River...

Great little article to make you want to hit up the Green River this spring:  Spring Fishing on the Green

Turkey Hunt Coming! May 2-31

 Brad and his wife spotted these turkeys up Blacksmith Fork Canyon.
Hopefully Brad will get to join me for the turkey hunt coming up May 2-31.  For more information on the hunt visit:  Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Black Canyon

 Brad and I went to fish the Oneida Narrows a couple of weeks ago, but the flows were too high to fish.  We talked to a PacifiCorp worker and he told us that the flows were lower in Black Canyon.  So we went out scouting.
 Looking upstream at the Black Canyon take out.  We fished from the bridge to about 200 yards up, but no luck.  We tried nymphs and streamers, but no luck.  The water was clouded up pretty good and it would normally be crystal clear.
Close up of the map from Alexander Reservoir down the the take out point.

Just below the Alexander Reservoir dam.  There were Canadian Geese up on the cliffs and down in the stream.  We saw hundreds of deer in the fields as you head into Grace, Idaho as well.  Grace had a great little fly/lure shop that had some great prices.  I would like to fish the reservoir and the river to really get to know its potential.  I think Brad and I are going to be planning a trip up here early this summer.

Oneida Narrows- Big Rainbow!

 Above:  Spring runoff flowing into the river.  The east side was so dirty that it couldn't be fished.
 Me working some holes.  I caught 2 rainbows before I got up to the dam.
 Brad started out catching 2 rainbows.  He switched from nymphing to a streamer and it brought in this 18.5 inch rainbow!  It was a good fight that took him down stream.  I was able to assist by reaching out over a big rock to net it.
 This is the biggest trout that Brad has ever landed.  It is also the largest trout I have seen pulled out of the narrows.
 We fished streamers up at the dam and we caught several more rainbows.
 View downstream.  The east side was pretty muddy from run off.
 Brad and the view up stream.
Deer grazing at the base of the mountain.